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Philip Levine for Governor

Philip Levine moved to Florida from Boston with his parents when he was a young boy at age 10.

Living in Miami area he saw an opportunity to provide a service to the crews line industry that wasn't being provided. Thats when Levine many years younger than he is now decided to take 500 dollars all the money he had at the time and put it into his dreams and founded Onboard Media. Onboard Media provided the crews line industry with what it was lacking and that very thing was reading material in the form of magazines. Onboard Media would then go onto producing award winning TV programming.

With Onboard Media becoming a multi million dollar company Levine went on ahead and did a deal with Berkshire Partners to gain Starboard Cruise Services, which with Onboard Media became the worlds biggest cruise line concessionaire and later sold to Louis Vuitton. Of course at this time Levine became very rich man.

He then went on to run for Mayor of Miami Beach in Which he used his own money to fund his campaign and refused to take money special interest groups and limited donations to only a 100 or less.

He at this time also started a popular radio show called the Mayor which talked about politics.

Philip Levine is also known for his roll in caring about climate change, Mimai Beach ersion along with many other envormential issues.

He still isn't done with his dynasty and is now running for the 2018 governor seat of Florida, which is consider to be the governor race of a lifetime.

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