Philip Levine Runs First Ad In FL Governor Race

The first TV ad has been launched for the gubernatorial election for Florida by Philip Levine.

The former Miami Beach Mayor is taking this seriously, which we all like to see.

In the video advertisement that is airing on T.V. it paints Philip Levine as the governor candidate that holds true on values that most people in the sunshine state care about such as clean energy, higher paying jobs and valued leadership skills that Florida is in disparate need of right now.

With so many people already starting to run I feel as though this was right at a great time to get your name out early instead of playing catch up down the road you need to get as many people to know your name and what you stand for in Florida. With the other many candidates who are running you better believe we are going to start seeing a lot more ads and with Levine starting already there are sure many more to come.

Adam Putnam the best potential republican candidate at the time of this post has a surplus supply of campaign money to spend on ads, so the Dems better be ready and Philip Levine is showing that hes ready by starting off the first ad in this governor race.

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